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Stock RA2 Component Stats

The purpose of this page is for really serious RA2 players that want to know exactly how good the components are for maximum effectiveness in your bot building. And make no mistake, some components are better than others. These numbers were discovered by decompiling the Components.cfz and looking at the text files, so they are exact.

Note that "Stock" refers to the vanilla, unmodded game--custom component stats (such as from DSL) are not included here.


The following are the exact numbers for the amount of electricity batteries can put out and motors consume. For maximum power to your components, the batteries' output should be equal to or greater than the motors' input. The total power of a battery refers to how long it lasts. Once this power is mostly depleted, your motors will only spin very slowly (but they will never stop completely because batteries lose power on an exponential scale, not a linear scale, and total power will never reach 0).

It should be noted that, due to a programming glitch, all spin motors drain 100 power no matter what the number in the txt file is. So even though, for example, the game says that the HP Z-tek drains twice as much electricity as the normal Z-tek, they both actually drain only 100. In addition, burst motors drain only about 62.5% of the number in the txt file. HOWEVER, it is still a good idea to fully power your burst motors! If you only power them at the 62.5% level, they will only fire at full power for the first shot or two and quickly slow down afterwards.


BatteryMax. OutputTotal Power
Small Battery Pack1007000
Nifty 6V Battery40024000
Supervolt 12V Battery80052000


A note on speed and power: RA2 does not use real physics for driving bots; instead, it uses a system called "Magic Mobility" where force is applied directly to your chassis whenever a motor with a wheel touching the ground is activated. This force is calculated based on the motor's power, NOT its speed. What this means is that maximum speed makes absolutely no difference in how fast a bot can drive. You could edit the txt file of an HP Z-tek and give it 100,000 speed, and you wouldn't drive any faster. Only power affects driving speed. What motor speed DOES affect is how fast the motor can spin with, for example, a saw blade on it. Power determines how fast that saw blade gets to maximum speed and how easy it is to stop.

MotorInput in txt fileActual InputMax. SpeedPower
Reversible Angle Motor-80-1001814
Red Bird Spin Motor-140-1002618
Z-tek Motor-200-1003624
HP Z-tek Motor-400-1003648
Servo Motor 302-50?326
Servo Motor 502/702-90?1044
Powered Steering Unit-200??14
Snapper II Burst Motor-400-2502025
Snapper2 Burst Motor-300-187.54060
DDT Burst Motor-500-312.55090


The following are the exact numbers the game uses to calculate damage and durability.

All weapons have the default 1000 hitpoints, except for razor tips, which have 500.

"Normals" means whether the component has damage normals, meaning it can only do damage in certain directions (for example, pole spikes only do damage with the tip, but maces can do damage in any direction). It has been observed that weapons with normals will do less damage than weapons without them, even with the normal weapons hitting in exactly the right direction. Weapons with normals (particularly axe heads, 30cm pole spikes and pointy tips) are still good on some rammers and hammers, and bear claws have been successfully used on spinners, but most players avoid these weapons.

Damage is controlled by two numbers in the txt file called piercing and concussion. There are subtle relationships between these two numbers: concussion-focused weapons attached statically (not moving) to the chassis are stronger than either concussion or piercing-focused spinning weapons or piercing-focused static weapons. Piercing-focused weapons attached to a spinner are stronger than concussion-focused spinning weapons or piercing-focused static weapons. In simple terms, this means it is best to use concussion-focused weapons on rammers and piercing-focused weapons on spinners. It's a bit more complicated than that, and there are probably other differences that have not yet been investigated, but for most purposes piercing and concussion are combined into one overall damage value called damage potential.

Damage potential is calculated according to the formula:

D = 183.9P + 100C

where P is piercing and C is concussion. Damage potential is defined as the amount of damage a 10 kg weapon on a 100 cm extender attached to a DDT burst motor at max power will do when it hits a bot's chassis. Actual damage in-game will vary depending on the speed the weapon is traveling at (more speed=higher damage), the weight (more weight=less speed=lower damage; RA2 does not use mass in damage calculations), and what it is hitting (hitting other components does more damage), so it is merely a relative measure of power compared to other weapons.

To give an accurate view of what weapons are the best, I've calculated a fourth value called efficiency which takes into account hitpoints and mass. This is calculated by the formula:

E = (D*H)/M

where E is efficiency, D is damage potential, H is hitpoints, and M is mass. The weapons with the highest efficiency are the best.

Axe HeadYes0.40.9163.5613630
Fireman's AxeYes0.40.9163.5612582
Battle AxeYes0.40.9163.568178
40 cm Blade
60 cm Blade
80 cm Blade
100 cm Blade
Mower BladeYes0.30.8135.176759
Bear ClawYes0.30.8135.1716896
Samurai SwordYes0.30.8135.179655
60 cm Saw Blade
80 cm Saw Blade
100 cm Saw Blade
120 cm Saw Blade
140 cm Saw Blade
Chew BladeYes011008333
Ninja StarYes0110012500
Iron SpikeNo0.80.1157.1215712
Spike StripYes0.80.1157.1211223
Single-sided Ice Pick
Double-sided Ice Pick
Hammer HeadYes011004000
Iron FistNo011005556
Spiked ClubNo0.50.5141.9510139
30 cm Pole Spike
50 cm Pole Spike
70 cm Pole Spike
Pointy TipYes10183.922988
Razor TipNo10183.913136

So which weapons are the best? The "Big Three" in standard stock building are iron spikes, maces, and razor tips. At least 95% of all bots you will see use these three exclusively. As I mentioned earlier, axe heads, 30cm pole spikes, pointy tips, and bear claws are all usable as well, but they are a bit more specialized due to having normals, and are not as commonly seen. Single-sided ice picks are godly stat-wise, but they are extremely hard to use effectively due to limited attachment options. Spiked clubs are theoretically decent weapons, but you really have no reason to use them because they have the exact same stats as a mace but are 6kg heavier. If a little bit different look is worth 6kg to you, though, go for it. Fireman's axes are in the same boat, but they have the added issue of having only one attachment point where axe heads have two. Finally, although sledgehammers are terrible, awful weapons only a fool would think about using, they are VERY occasionally used on vertical spinners simply because they are heavy and are slightly better at flipping bots than a stack of iron spikes.